Privacy Policy

e.a. holland pty ltd (acn 000 046 631) ("e.a. holland") respects your privacy. your visit to the website is subject to this privacy policy and the other sections of the terms and conditions (located at here); therefore you must carefully review the terms and conditions and this privacy policy. if you do not agree to any aspect of the terms and conditions or this privacy policy, please immediately leave the site, and do not access or use it.
words that are specifically defined in the terms and conditions have the same meaning in this privacy policy.

this privacy policy also applies to e.a. holland's offline business activities.

please note that this privacy policy governs only information provided to e.a. holland. it does not govern any other information or communications originating from third parties that may reference e.a. holland or its respective goods or services, including the products. e.a. holland is bound by the privacy act 1988 (cth) ("privacy act") regarding the manner in which it handles your personal information, and it will strictly comply with all relevant legislative requirements. this privacy policy sets out e.a. holland's information handling procedures and the rights and obligations that both you and e.a. holland have in relation to your personal information. in the event of any inconsistency, the legislative requirements will override the provisions of this document.

i. information collected and how it is used by e.a. holland
you may choose to provide e.a. holland with personal information when you visit the site. for example, if you would like to make a purchase, you will be asked to provide your contact information (name, email address, mailing address, and telephone number) as well as your delivery and billing address, credit card number and expiration date. if you would like to register an account at the site, then as part of this you may also disclose personal information to e.a. holland.
if you purchase goods from e.a. holland offline, or apply for a credit account, you may also provide e.a. holland with personal information.
in addition to your personal details (name, addresses, telephone and email contact details), other kinds of personal information that e.a. holland may collect and hold from time to time includes:
details of the products and other goods you purchase;
data relating to your activity on the site via tracking technologies such as cookies;
for credit account applicants, drivers licence details, trade references and landlord information (where relevant); and
for job applicants or staff, employment history, educational qualifications, reference checks, payroll information and medical information (where relevant).
e.a. holland will collect personal information about you in the following ways:
if you provide your information by telephone, post, email or facsimile, or in person;
if you contact e.a. holland via email or submit your information through the site, including by registering an account; and/or
if you purchase products from e.a. holland.
if it is reasonable and practical do so, e.a. holland will collect personal information about you only from you. in the course of operating the site and its business, however, e.a. holland may collect personal information from third parties such as other members of the group of companies of which it is a part, suppliers, advertisers, mailing lists, recruitment agencies, credit information agencies, contractors, clients and business partners.
if e.a. holland collects personal information about you from a third party it will, where appropriate, request that the third party inform you that it is holding such information, how e.a. holland will use and disclose it, and that you may contact e.a. holland to gain access to and correct and update the information.
when e.a. holland collects personal information from you, it will take reasonable steps to notify you or ensure you are aware of:
e.a. holland's identity and contact details;
that e.a. holland has collected your personal information, and whether that collection is required or authorised by law;
the purposes of collection;
the consequences if personal information is not collected (such as if this will affect e.a. holland's ability to provide products, goods or services to you);
e.a. holland's usual disclosures of personal information of the kind collected;
information about this privacy policy; and
whether e.a. holland is likely to disclose personal information to overseas recipients, and if practicable, the relevant countries in which they are located.
some of the above information is included in this privacy policy.
if you would prefer that e.a. holland not collect any personal information from you, please do not provide any e.a. holland with any such information (unfortunately, this means you will be unable to access the site, or purchase products through the site).

ii. use of personal information by e.a. holland

e.a. holland will only collect personal information where it is reasonably necessary to do so for the conduct of its business. any collection of personal information will be fair and lawful and will not be intrusive.

  • a. products
    personal information collected from you by e.a. holland will be used for the purposes of processing product orders placed by you through the site, and may be shared with a third party (who may be located outside australia) for the purposes of fulfilling and delivering your order. personal information collected by e.a. holland will also be used to process and fulfil any orders for goods or requests for services you submit offline.
    if you choose to register an account with e.a. holland via the site, any personal information you provide as part of the sign-up process will also be used by e.a. holland to monitor your account activities and provide you with the functionality and features of the site.
  • b. communications
    if you have elected to provide e.a. holland with your contact information, e.a. holland may provide you with service related announcements concerning the site by any means, including email. e.a. holland and/or its distribution partners may also contact you regarding your customer service requests or questions, or regarding your order for products or other goods or services you have requested. these types of communications are necessary to serve you, respond to your concerns and to provide the high level of customer service that e.a. holland offers its customers.
    if you so elect, the information you provide may be used by e.a. holland to create and deliver to you marketing and promotional emails such as newsletters, surveys or other email messages containing product, goods, service and event information, cosmetics tips or promotions (“emails”). if you do elect to receive emails and later decide that you would no longer like to receive them please notify e.a. holland - see section vii(b) below.
    you may hear from e.a. holland via mail or phone even if you have not elected to receive emails. if you do not wish to receive these communications, please notify e.a. holland - see section vii(b) below
  • c. customized service
    e.a. holland may use your personal information to provide you with customised service and use of the site. for example, e.a. holland may suggest products or offerings of other companies that would be of particular interest to you, based upon your purchase history.
  • d. site promotions
    on occasion, e.a. holland may offer promotions through the site, such as special events like sales and competitions, and other offerings such as questionnaires and surveys directed towards improving the site and e.a. holland's product offerings. there may be specific rules applicable to these promotions that explain how any personal information you provide will be processed. you should review any applicable rules before participating. the use of personal information in connection with such promotions will be governed by this privacy policy, together with any additional terms and conditions which may apply to a particular promotion.
  • e. distribution and employment
    if you provide personal information to e.a. holland with respect to your interest in acting as a distributor of products, or in seeking employment with e.a. holland(such as your resume), e.a. holland will treat such personal information as confidential and use it only to consider you for current and future opportunities and to contact you with respect to such matters. material of this nature that you provide will be retained to be used in respect of future opportunities that may arise from time to time, unless you tell e.a. holland that you no longer wish for your information to be retained.
  • f. technologies
    e.a. holland uses various technologies to collect information about your visit to the site and to enhance and customise your experience on the site. these may include cookies, web beacons, tracking links and similar technologies. for example, e.a. holland may collect the numerical internet protocol (ip) address identifying your computer or device which may indicate your geographic location. these technologies may provide a variety of information such as whether you have visited the site before. they also may enable you to save your preferences. these technologies, in conjunction with your personal information, may be used by e.a. holland from time to time in connection with the site for purposes including but not limited to storing your preferences, and purchase history, to authenticate sessions, to customise material that is made available to you, or to otherwise make the site and all its functionality available to you. you acknowledge that if you set your computer to reject and/or block these technologies, including cookies, you may restrict your access to certain features of the site.
  • g. credit
    if you submit an application for a credit account with e.a. holland, any personal information you provide will be treated as confidential and use it only to consider your application and if that application is approved, for the purposes of maintaining your credit account.


iii. how information is held, collected, used and disclosed
e.a. holland will hold personal information as either physical records, records on e.a. holland's servers (which may be servers shared with other members of the group of companies of which it is a part), and in some cases, records on third party servers, which may be located overseas.
e.a. holland takes active steps to hold all hard copy and electronic records of personal information in a secure manner to ensure that they are protected from misuse, interference and loss, and unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.
e.a. holland has procedures in place to destroy or de-identify personal information once it is no longer needed for a valid purpose or required to be kept by law.
in general, e.a. holland will collect, hold, use and disclose personal information for the purposes of providing or offering goods and services to you.
by providing e.a. holland with your personal information, you consent toe.a. holland using and disclosing your personal information for the purposes described in section ii above.
there may be circumstances in which e.a. holland is authorised or required by law to use or disclose your personal information. for instance, a number of laws require the provision of personal information to third parties, including the corporations act 2001 (cth). the precise information required to be provided will vary depending on the circumstances requiring disclosure of that information. other circumstances are described in section iv below.


iv. sharing of information
e.a. holland will not provide your personal information to third parties for their use in marketing their products or services to you without your consent, except as described in this section iv below. in addition, e.a. holland does not sell or otherwise disclose personal information about site visitors or users except as described here.
any disclosure that is required to be made to any third party will be made primarily for the purpose of providing or offering goods and services to you. if e.a. holland discloses information to a third party, e.a. holland generally requires that the third party protect your information to the same extent that e.a. holland does.

  • a. affiliates
    e.a. holland may share your personal information with other members of the group of companies of which it is a part, and other partners and associates that distribute and market products and other products and services of the group (“affiliates”). affiliates may use this information in accordance with this privacy policy. if you prefer that e.a. holland does not share your personal information with its affiliates, please do not provide it. unfortunately, e.a. holland is unable to offer the benefits of the site or sell products to anyone who does not consent to the sharing of their personal information with its affiliates.
  • b. third parties
    e.a. holland may retain other companies and individuals to perform functions on its behalf in connection with the site, such as web hosting companies and delivery fulfilment companies. this includes the providers of the eway system and the paypal system, who are engaged by e.a. holland to process payments made through the site, any distribution partners requested by e.a. holland to fulfil product orders to be delivered in certain locations outside australia, and affiliates and other partners on whose behalf e.a. holland is acting when offering products for purchase by you. e.a. holland may also engage third parties to provide assistance in respect of any credit applied for or granted to you, including credit information agencies and debt collection agencies. such third parties may be provided with access to personal information needed to perform their functions but may not use such information other than on e.a. holland's behalf and in accordance with this privacy policy.
    on certain occasions you may be offered the opportunity to consent to the sharing of your information with a third party. if you consent, e.a. holland will share your information with such third party and the information you provide may be used by such third party for their own purposes and in accordance with their own policies. this may include marketing activities.
  • c. business activities
    from time to time, e.a. holland may as part of its business sell or transfer certain assets to affiliates or unrelated third parties. by submitting your personal information on the site you agree that your data may be transferred to such parties. you may choose not to have your information transferred as a business asset by contacting e.a. holland as described in the section vii(b) below.
  • d. disclosure required by law
    e.a. holland may disclose any information it deems necessary, in its sole discretion, to comply with any applicable law, regulation, legal process or governmental request. in addition, e.a. holland may disclose any information when it believes, in its sole discretion, disclosure is necessary or appropriate to prevent physical harm or financial loss or in connection with suspected or actual illegal activity i.e. to avoid, lessen or prevent a serious emergency or crime. if e.a. holland uses or discloses personal information about you in those circumstances it will make a written record of such use or disclosure.
    e. cross-border disclosures
    e.a. holland may disclose personal information to overseas recipients that are its distribution partners and parties on behalf of whom e.a. holland is offering products for sale, if you order products through the site and require them to be delivered in new zealand, europe, usa or asia. some of these overseas partners may also be part of the same group of companies as e.a. holland. as at the date of this privacy policy, e.a. holland is unlikely to disclose personal information to any other category of overseas recipients that are not affiliates. if in future e.a. holland proposes to disclose personal information overseas, it will do so in compliance with the requirements of the privacy act. e.a. holland will, where practicable, advise you of the countries in which any overseas recipients are likely to be located. by providing your personal information to e.a. holland you consent to e.a. holland disclosing your personal information to any such overseas recipients for purposes necessary or useful in the course of operating its business, and agree that australian privacy principle 8.1 (app 8.1) (as set out in the privacy act) will not apply to such disclosures. in addition, from time to time e.a. holland may engage an overseas recipient to provide it with services, such as cloud-based storage solutions. please note that the use of overseas service providers to store personal information will not always involve a disclosure of personal information to that overseas provider. however, by providing e.a. holland with your personal information, you consent to the storage of such information on overseas servers and acknowledge that app 8.1 will not apply to such disclosures.
    for the avoidance of doubt, in the event that an overseas recipient breaches the australian privacy principles, that entity will not be bound by, and you will not be able seek redress under, the act. If you do not want e.a. holland to disclose your information to overseas recipients, please contact us.


v. minors

the site is not directed to children under the age of eighteen, but if you are under eighteen years of age, you may browse the site. however, you may not provide personal information to e.a. holland, and must not purchase goods, including products, or services from e.a. holland. e.a. holland does not knowingly collect personal information from children under the age of eighteen, and should it at any time become aware that it has inadvertently received personal information from a visitor under the age of eighteen, it will delete the information from its records.


vi. protection and updates

  • a. protection of personal information
    e.a. holland maintains reasonable safeguards for the site to protect against unauthorised disclosure, use, alteration or destruction of the personal information you provide. this includes the measures described in section (t) of the terms and conditions. if you have any questions about security of the site or your personal information, please contact us.
  • b. updates
    this document reflects the privacy policy of e.a. holland as at 1st january 2016.
    e.a. holland may revise this privacy policy from time to time, by posting any revisions or changes onto the site. all revisions and changes will become effective immediately upon posting, or such future date as may be specified in the posting. by continuing to access the site or deal with e.a. holland offline following any changes becoming effective, you agree to be bound by any revised privacy policy. the date of this privacy policy will inform you as to whether there have been updates since your last visit.


vii. your options

  • a. updating your information
    if you would like to update your contact information, please contact us.
  • b. how to opt-out and manage your preferences
    you may choose whether or not you would like to receive email from e.a. holland. you may change your preferences with respect to email at any time by clicking the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of each email you receive from e.a. holland. you may also choose not to receive mail or phone communications by contacting us. and specifying that this is your preference.
    in addition if you would like to change your other preferences, e.g. with respect to the transfer of data as described in section iv(c) above, please contact us.
  • c. accessing your information
    you have a right to request access to your personal information and to request its correction if it is out of date or incorrect.
    you may request access or correction at any time by sending a written request to e.a. holland's privacy officer via the contact details set out below.
    you do not need to provide a reason for your request for access to your personal information. e.a. holland may charge a small fee for providing access to your personal information if it requires a significant amount of time to locate or collect your information or to present it in an appropriate form. e.a. holland will not charge you to correct your personal information that e.a. holland holds in its records.
    e.a. holland will respond to all requests for access to or correction of personal information within a reasonable time.
    please note there may be circumstances in which e.a. holland is not able to provide you with access to your information, such as where the requested access will have an unreasonable impact upon the privacy of others or where e.a. holland is required by law to withhold the information. if e.a. holland is unable to provide you with access to your information, or make the amendments which you have requested, e.a. holland will provide you with reasons for this decision.
  • d. questions, comments and concerns
    e.a. holland has taken care to make sure that your visit to the site is enjoyable, and that your privacy is maintained. if you have any questions or comments about e.a. holland's privacy practices, please contact the privacy officer using the contact details set out below.
  • e. complaint procedures
    if you believe that e.a. holland may have breached the australian privacy principles, or failed to comply with this policy, you may direct your complaint to e.a. holland's privacy officer, using the contact details set out below.
    e.a. holland takes all complaints seriously, and will respond to your complaint within a reasonable period.
    if you are dissatisfied with the handling of your complaint, you may contact the office of the australian information commissioner as follows:
    office of the australian information commissioner
    gpo box 5218
    sydney nsw 2001
    telephone: 1300 363 992
  • f. anonymity
    where practicable, e.a. holland is required to provide the option for you to deal with us anonymously or under a pseudonym. this option will not be available where e.a. holland is required or authorised by law to deal with individuals who have identified themselves, or if we need to verify your identity in order to provide products or services to you.
  • g. privacy officer
    the privacy officer can be contacted as follows:
    privacy officer
    e.a. holland pty ltd
    17-21 commercial street, marleston, adelaide, south australia, 5033
    phone: +61 8 8403 8200
    fax: +61 8 8403 8210
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