the dresscode project

every single person deserves to have a positive experience at their local salon and walk out with a haircut that helps them look the way they feel.

however, this is not always the case… for the lgbtq2s+ community, gendered pricing and services can lead to uncomfortable interactions and less-than-desirable outcomes.

that’s where the dresscode project comes in. founded by kristin rankin (they/them), the dresscode project is an organization that educates salons on how they can become a safer space for the queer community and help clients to express their identity.

about the dresscode project

to date, there are over 550 gender affirming dresscode project salons around the world.

when you walk into a dresscode project salon, you know you’re walking into a safer space. by providing salons with support, resources and events, the dresscode project aims to create a world where every hair salon and barbershop is a gender-affirming, safer space for lgbtq2s+ clients.​

being a gender-affirming salons starts with implementing gender-neutral toilets, pricing and services… however, it’s also so much more. dresscode project salons seek to recognize and honour each trans or queer person and meet them where they are. this could mean supporting them through their process of transition or providing a connection to local community agencies.

meet the founder

kristin rankin founded the dresscode project in 2016 and started global movement within the pro beauty industry. with over 15 years of experience in the hair industry, kristin was born and raised in toronto, canada but has since relocated to new york city, where they are currently based. ​

after creating the dresscode project, kristin started the gender free haircut club (gfhc) – an event where hairstylists and hair salons provide their talent and space to give gender affirming haircuts to marginalized queer individuals at no cost.​

since 2016, kristin alone has provided over 1,000 queer clients with gender-affirming haircuts to help them look the way they feel.​

"the dresscode project is very excited and proud to partner with evo this pride to help spread the word and create even more gender inclusive hair spaces in the professional beauty industry. having a professional product brand recognise being an active ally all year long to the queer communities is not only important but vital."

kristin rankin

the dresscode project founder

what does it mean to be a gender-affirming salon?​

to join the dresscode project network, salons must pledge to do the following: ​

  • commit to creating a safer space for your lgbtq2s+ clients and ensure all employees are aware of this commitment​
  • share dresscode project training resources with all employees who interact with clients​
  • implement a gender-neutral pricing menu​
  • provide at least one gender-neutral bathroom for clients or be in the process of moving towards this​
  • hold at least one gender free haircut club a year​

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